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Dragon & Medieval Themed Unit

Seller: MarilynofallGrades

ITEM No: 001316

Grade: Year 4 – Year 6 
Subject: English Language Arts
No Of Pages/Slides: 74
Answers provided: No
Type: Thematic Unit Plans
Aligned To: Not Specified
Duration: 1 Month
Price: $9.42

This is a Language Arts and research unit of work written for students around the themes of Dragons and Medieval times. The unit has numerous activities that will appeal to various age groups, as individual tasks, group activities, extension, as a book of work to be completed etc. I have tried to arrange the activities around two short stories that I have written, A Dragon’s Tale! and A Knight’s tale!. The second story is a spin-off from events in the first.

I have tried to balance language and research activities in this unit.

This unit Dragon & Medieval Themed Unit is in its entirety of 74 pages of work.

A Dragon’s Tale!

How Well Did You Read?

Dictionary Skills


Fiery Tales

Just Published!


Lost Little Dragon Poetry Writing

Create Your Own Dragon

Venn Diagrams – Dragons V Dinosaurs

Dragon Wonderword

Chinese New Year Research

Creative Writing

The Earth is Flat!

Sea Monsters


Dragon Cooking

Dragon Story Writing

Dragon Slayer Research

Dragon Fine Arts

Dragon Flags

Dragon Task cards

Cinquain Poetry

Acrostic Poetry

Simile Poetry

Komodo Dragon

A Knight’s Tale!

Change the Ending


Design the Castle

Damsel in Distress


Coat of Arms

Medieval Research - Weapons

Medieval – Research – Siege Weaponry

Technology and Military Developments

A Day in the Life of a Medieval Knight

Medieval Clothing

Medieval – War Games


Inside the Castle

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