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Halloween Class Play or Assembly - The Vanishing Pumpkin

Seller: suesplays

ITEM No: 001324

Grade: Year 4 – Year 6 
Subject: Drama
No Of Pages/Slides: 13
Answers provided: Yes
Type: Scripts
Aligned To: Not Specified
Duration: 1 Week
Price: $18.00

This Halloween play – The Vanishing Pumpkin – is suitable for primary and secondary/elementary and middle school and could easily be adapted for Secondary/High School (with a slightly more risqué choice of music – for this, email me on sue@plays-r-ussell.com – I have plenty of suggestions!)

The cast size can range from 17upwards – the numbers easily increased or decreased, without affecting the script. The duration (around 10 minutes) depends upon length of musical extracts:



  1. Disney Haunted House
  2. Witch Queen of New Orleans – Redbone – *chorus (or whole song may be sung, this ‘sketch’ with one Witch Queen replacing that of 3 witches from Macbeth)
  3. Ghostbusters Theme Music
  4. Fire! I’ll Teach you to Burn – Arthur Brown
  5. Thriller – Michael Jackson
  6. Ghostbusters Theme Music
  7. Ghostbusters Theme Music



Additional or alternative music suggestions:


  1. Frankenstein – Edgar Winter Group
  2. Witchy Woman – The Eagles


These are suggestions so can be used or not as required.

The cast consists of three judges plus ‘Talent Show’ contestants. These are:





Rat(s) and bat(s)

Were wolf (ves) and monster(s)


Plus a Ghost, and three Ghostbusters!


The Plot: Without wishing to give too much away (!) the Pumpkin is the prize, and the Ghost is, shall we say, ‘around’, when it disappears.




Music 6 Ghostbusters Theme Music


(Ghostbusters dash back onto stage. Ghost can be seen by audience ‘wafting’  in the background, off to the side, before making off with the prize pumpkin. Rest of cast fails to see Ghost as they are distracted by Ghostbusters)


Judge 1:               Oh my! As if we haven’t got enough problems!

Judge 2:               What are you doing here?

Judge 3:               (Laughing) Not still looking for imaginary ghosts?!


(Everyone falls about laughing)


Ghostbusters 1:                So what’s so funny?

Ghostbusters 2:                Yeah! Do tell us the joke!

Ghostbusters 3:                Anyone would think you don’t believe in ghosts!


Whole cast:        (Shouting) We don’t!


Ghostbusters 1:                You’re kidding, right?

Ghostbusters 2:                How could you not believe in ghosts?

Ghostbusters 3:                When the evidence is right in front of your eyes!


Judge 1:               What do you mean?

Ghostbusters 1:                So, tell us. Where is your prize pumpkin?


(Whole cast gasps in horror)


Judges: (Together) It’s gone!

Ghostbusters 2:                (Sarcastically) Oh, you’re quick!

Ghostbusters 3:                And who or what do you think has taken it?


(Whole cast shrug their shoulders)


This play is a little different from my usual class plays which, being based on the curriculum, have a far greater emphasis on education than entertainment. I am doing a few more of these ‘one off’ plays, celebrating certain festivals/themes during the year. Check out my website www.plays-r-ussell.com for a complete listing of what I have written to date.

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