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Copyright Policy

Teach In A Box is an online community aiming to provide teachers with original teaching materials prepared by their fellow educators and in doing so we acknowledge the intellectual property of our users and we ask that members have the same respect by not infringing on the copyright of their fellow teachers.


At Teach In A Box we recognise that issues regarding copyright concerns do occur and outlined below is the process required to follow through with any queries. Please email through the below information:



Evaluation of Infringement Notice


As soon as your items has been submitted for review we will analyse the situation presented and if there seems to be an infringement of copyright evident, then the immediate removal of the material will take place.


Dispute and Resolution


If you happen to be the accused, then you have the option of disputing the alleged copyright infringement decision.


You will need to send an email through detailing the alleged item or items which have been linked to the copyright infringement notices. You will need to be detailed in your response explaining where the item appeared on the Teach In A Box site including a declaration statement of why you believe there has been a misunderstanding or mistake with the claim made against the item in question. You will need to specifically detail the main points that you believe demonstrate the alleged accusations are false in order for the accusation to be appropriately assessed. This will need to be followed by your full contact details including your first and last name, telephone number, residential address and email address. This then needs to be signed electronically or physically by the accused.


Following this procedure the allegation will be assessed further and a decision will be finalised regarding the final outcome of the matter at hand.