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Privacy Policy

Teach In A Box takes every measure possible to ensure the privacy and security of its members and users. The privacy policy to follow is indicative of the online actions of Teach In A Box only and is directed at the 18+ legal residents of the Commonwealth of Australia and is not aimed at minors.

Personally Identifiable Information and Registration

While becoming a member of Teach In A Box users undertake a registration process which requires them to disclose personally identifiable information including and not limited to their (first and last name, email address, residential address, phone number and paypal account).

Identification of users internally through the use of a selected User Name or Store Name is not considered personally identifiable information.

The personally identifiable information collected may be used by Teach In A Box and its agents / associates for the following purposes:

  1. To fulfil transaction requirements between Teach In A Box and its users as well as amongst users themselves.
  2. In association with competitions, tournaments, reviews and assessments including surveys, noticeboards, discussion forums, appeal for recommendations and suggestions, submission of resources and materials, subscription registration, blogs and classroom undertakings.
  3. To adequately manage, alter and develop the site according to our user needs and demands.
  4. Allowing Teach In A Box to broadcast service related information to users.
  5. Information may be provided internally between users when dealing with the purchase or sale of resources to ensure the transaction process is fulfilled.
  6. To provide our users with information to inform them of promotions, resources or activities which may appeal and be of interest to them. This does include the products and services of relevant third parties, explaining the reason for providing information to these third parties.

With every email sent to you from Teach In A Box an option to opt out is available at the bottom of the page, which allows you to stop emails from being sent. Please follow the link and this will automatically cease sending you emails. If you would like Teach In A Box to not disclose your personally identifiable information with its third parties, please email info@Teach In A Box.com.au with your request and contact information.

Information collected during the registration process including your PayPal email address, residential address and contact number are necessary for the secure and authorised payment which is to be administered to sellers on Teach In A Box, hence the reason for the collection of this information. Once registered there is the opportunity to create a member profile detailing as much or as little information as you like in order to create a your seller homepage. This information allows other users to view your academic experience, areas of expertise and other information you wish to provide about your personal or career aspects. Notice boards and forums may be available for you to disclose personal information also and is done so at your own discretion.

Please be aware that the information which is uploaded onto Teach In A Box in your member profile, noticeboards, or forums is available for other member to view. The personally identifiable information collected and provided can be viewed, edited or removed in your ‘MyTeach In A Box’ section once logged in.

Cookie technology allows us to understand how our users browse Teach In A Box and monitors what areas of the site visitors frequent most often. Cookie technology also allows us to understand how many visitors our site is receiving so we can observe traffic flow. This technology is also useful in understanding customer preferences and needs solely through the ability to understand which sections of the site users are frequenting most often. In no way does this technology allows us to gauge any personally identifiable information off your server, in fact once you close your browser the cookie ends and it is no longer active. There is an option from the users end to save the cookie which allows you to not have to log in more than once and authenticates the user with the site so sign in is no longer required. This is completely at the discretion of the user and is controlled from your end. Simply, a cookie is a small amount of data generated by a website and saved by your browser which stores information such as user preferences and search priorities temporarily as once the browser is closed the cookies are terminated.

IP addresses are collected in the backend server for the sole purpose of a collective summary so we can gauge how many users have responded to a specific aspect of the site or how many visits we received for a specific category. IP addresses are not in any way used to monitor specific users independently, they are used in a collective format involving mass calculations. If we believe that a specific user is a threat to Teach In A Box and has infringed on the safety of our users than we will use the necessary information to proceed with legal action.

All information received by Teach In A Box is protected in the same manner whether it is personally or non-personally identifiable information. All information is treated as confidential and held in the upmost secure environment away from any direct threat from the internet. Unless the information received is for public display such as your member profile, noticeboard or forum then the adequate processes will be taken to protect your information. As with the IP address, the only situation where personal information will be supplied to an external party is where there is a legal purpose such as a court order, criminal investigation or subpoena as well as a direct threat to our site or the users of Teach In A Box. Our server software is of the highest standard protecting your credit card information and encrypting all your personal information making it virtually impossible to read while in transition to our system. This information is held in a high level security environment once received and not within reach of the worldwide web.

With regard to other sites which are advertised on Teach In A Box or links to websites which may appear, Teach In A Box has no control over these sites and does not take any responsibility for any security protection or privacy concerns as our privacy statement does not apply to any other site. As always when visiting unknown sites caution should be taken and the privacy policy/act read and understood accordingly.