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Noise Level Controller - Volume Control

Seller: MrDignansDesk

ITEM No: 000636

Grade: Year 4 – Year 6 
Subject: For All Subject Areas
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Type: Software
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Duration: Lifelong Tool
Price: $4.99

An interactive noise monitoring application used to reward students for staying below an accepted level of noise. Volume Control uses a computer's microphone to measure the level of noise being generated by the students.

Have a look at Volume Control in action
Volume Control on YouTube

It helps students monitor their own noise by setting an actual benchmark for what is acceptable at the time.

My students respond really well to Volume Control and are able to self monitor their volume levels during sessions such as Literacy Groups. I like to convert the Volume Control points into Class Dojo points at the end of the session. For every 10 Volume Control points my students earn a Class Dojo point.

Unlike some other sound monitoring applications Volume Control uses a computer or laptop and its microphone. This frees up tablet devices for your students to use! It also much more fun and interactive than typical traffic light systems and wall charts.

Points based reward system
Volume level adjustability
Pause button (Very handy. If you lose points the kids will let you know about it!)
Reset button

Jungle Theme - Friendly animals will start to join you when you gather more points. Try to find all 12!
Halloween Theme - A spooky theme for the October holiday.
Sea Theme - Fish will join you as you gather points.
Space Theme - Blast off into space. (This theme requires points to be set to zero for it to begin).
Travel Theme - Visit landmarks from across the globe.
Winter Theme - Can you build the snowman?

A microphone connected to the computer
Adobe Flash
No need to install the application just double click and it begins!
To remove just delete the file.

Both the PC and Mac Versions are included as well as an implementation guide for adjusting microphone sensitivity in Windows Vista. This guide can also apply to other versions of Windows however some steps may vary.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Please feel free to ask any questions.

Tom Dignan

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Fantastic resource, kids absolutely loved it!
By. MademoiselleBrown, August 22, 2017

Volume Control
Used this this week and the kids yr 4/5 and they loved it. The Halloween background was perfect.
By. Astlac, October 24, 2015
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Registered: 12 / 10 / 2015
From: NSW, Australia

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