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Animal adaptations unit plan

Seller: Mrs_Mundays_Memoir

ITEM No: 000836

Grade: Year 4 – Year 6 
Subject: Science
No Of Pages/Slides: 5
Answers provided: No
Type: Unit Plans
Aligned To: Not Specified
Duration: 2 Months
Price: $9.60

This is a integrated unit of work on Ocean Animal Adaptations. It links with Australian Curriculum Grade 5 but can be used by anyone working on animal adaptations. It links Blooms Taxonomy with Gardner's Multiple Intelligences making it highly engaging for all students. Students choose the activities that best suit their learning styles. With over 45 activities to choose there are plenty to stimulate all minds. Coloured squares represent the activities that all students must complete. It also comes with a final assessment task for all students to complete.

Points are awarded for activities and at the end of the set unit date a final score can be given to students:

40-50 =A

35-39 =B

25-34 =C

16-24 =D

Less than 16 =E

This is a great way to allow students to work independently and demonstrate goal setting skills for time management.

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